PAULA WHEELER - (Adria Tennor - The Artist, Mad Men, Mad Dogs) conservative, suburban, self-conscious and unhinged but holding it together. Paula is freshly divorced, still working for her  ex-husband, and now terminally broke because of her chronic, post-divorce, crisis shopping sprees. Just when Paula thinks life can’t get any worse, she’s abducted by an S & M dog masked, literature addict who favors the classics. In the aftermath of these events, instead of breaking down, Paula digs deep, pivots, straps on some sequins and patent leather Mary Janes and hits record on a new chapter of life: making fetish fulfillment videos on her smart phone.

LIZ MACDONALD - (Allison Munn - Elizabethtown, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, One Tree Hill) also a long time pal of Paula’s and co-worker – until Paula’s firing that is. Liz has a great heart who speaks her quirky mind and often misreads critical situations. An adorable “weirdo” who follows by example and is always up for anything her friends need, even though she’s not fully cognizant of what the heck that might be. 

JANICE BERRY - (Tiffany Jeneen - Dark Skies, Ballers, How to Get Away with Murder) Paula’s straight-talking best friend who calls it like she sees it and does not mince words. She wants what’s best for Paula and and goes to great lengths to protect her. Janice is not afraid to put herself in harm’s way to make things right for Paula — mostly because she’s confident she can roll up her sleeves and pummel all the harm away. 

BEV WALTON - (Maria McCann - All About the Washingtons, Lucifer, Jane the Virgin) Paula’s priggish frenemy who runs a bi-monthly home shopping party for “Crabi Clothes” which Paula and her friends attend. Bev’s a Queen Bee who resents Paula because she’s broke from her post-divorce crisis shopping, and even though Bev cares a lot about appearances, she loses her cool and goes berserk at her own party when she discovers Paula has let her “naked fur burger” touch the crotch of a pair of un-paid-for control top “Crabi” capris.

MAUDE WHEELER - (Kylie Hannah Schwartz - Game Shakers) 12 years old - Paula’s wise, quick-witted, sardonic but appealing tween daughter. She often takes on the parental role in her relationship with her single (sometimes failing) mother. She’s not afraid to call Paula on her foibles, but will go to the ends of the earth to protect her mom from heartbreak and/or public humiliation. She doesn’t care what other people think of her, but other people think she’s cool, including Paula.

TED WHEELER - (Drew Rausch - Battleship, Grey’s Anatomy, Southland) Paula’s handsome, confident, entrepreneurial, multi-level marketing guru ex-husband. He’s a true nerd in a has-it-all and carbonated body. Ted’s a good guy, who religiously chooses paths for self-betterment. He’s recently launched a kombucha pyramid company and acquired two overly tanned new girlfriends. He loves his work and his daughter, Maude, but tragically cannot connect with Paula, Maude’s mom and his ex-wife on an emotional or physical level…or can he?

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